Austria - The "Mandlinger Sammler"

The local freight traffic on the western part of the Ennstal-line is carried out by the "Mandlinger Sammler" (local freight to Mandling) on Monday to Friday afternoon. The train leaves Bischofshofen little after 2 p.m. and reaches, after shunting cars in Eben, Altenmarkt and Radstadt, the station of Mandling, from where it starts its journey back to Bischofshofen around 6 p.m..
The train is usally hauled by a Salzburg based class 1163. These modern electrics are well formed, extremely quiet and - expensive! And that's why there won't be any more of them built, so that the 20 existing 1163s are all there will ever be.
Nevertheless: The 1163 surely is one of the most beautiful modern locomotives in Europe and well worth a special photo trip!

All pictures are taken on a sunny spring day in 2000. Star of the series is 1163 014, the numbers of the extras are in the captions.

last update: 5th January 2003