Trainpics: Augsburger Localbahn

The "Augsburger Localbahn GmbH" is looking back on a long history. It was founded in 1889 as "Aktiengesellschaft Augsburger Localbahn". Shareholders of the company were - and still are - mostly local industrial companies, for which the AL provides the connection to the rest of the German railway-network.

But the Augsburger Localbahn is no more limited to the city of Augsburg. In 1997 the AL took over the freight-service between Augsburg and Schongau from the DB-AG. Two trains in either direction are now operated from Monday to Friday - just one on Saturday - between Augsburg and Schongau. Main customer (and one of the main owners of the AL) is the paper-producing company Haindl, which has been taken over by the finnish UPM-Kymmene Group in 2001. The company has works not only in Augsburg, but also in Schongau and Peiting.

As the AL didn't own any road-units, the company acquired four diesel locomotives of 'Adtranz' type V 100.4. The locomotives have been rebuilt from class 201 of the former "Deutsche Reichsbahn"; loco #43 has even been in service as a narrow-gauge locomotive in the Harz for some years. Depending on the actual ammount of freight, the trains are hauled by one to three locomotives.

last update: 2nd May 2004