Trainpics: Horka

Horka. Horka? Where the hell is Horka? That's what you'll probably ask. No wonder, as the little village in the Oberlausitz may look back on a 700-year-long history, but failed to find its way into the world's history books.
Alas, amongst german railfans, Horka is a bit more famous, as Horka Gbf is the center of the international rail-connection from Germany to Poland via Hoyerswerda - Horka - Wegliniec. At Horka Gbf, motive power is changed from german to polish diesels and vice versa. And although there are no international passenger trains at Horka, most of the time there's enough freight-traffic to keep the railfan busy! Plans to double-track and electrify the line have been around for years, but were postponed several times so far. And until the modernization takes place, the diesel will keep on roaring through Horka!

last update: 7th May 2005