Trainpics: KBS 428 - NOKIA-Bahn

In 1994 the line from Gelsenkirchen to Bochum via Wanne-Eickel received the name "Nokia-Bahn". "Nokia", I hear you say, "isn't that written on my TV-set/mobile phone"? Correct, that's the Nokia we're talking about. After the Finnish group bought the German TV-manufacturer "Graetz", it decided to do something for the local commuter line - and for it's own publicity, of course. With financial help of Nokia there are now more trains operating on the line. Some of the old accumulator-railcars got a makeover including new colours and - needless to say - Nokia commercials on the outside. In consequence, the station of Bochum-Graetz was renamed to "Bochum-Nokia", too.

All pictures were taken in October 1994 - today, the 515s have been replaced by class 628.4 DMUs, which also carry Nokia commercials.

232 322, Bochum-Nokia, 21st October 1994
515 548, Bochum-Nokia, 21st October 1994
515 554 + 515 556, Bochum-Nokia, 21st October 1994
515 556, Bochum Hbf, 21 October 1994

last update: 27th October 2002