Trainpics: KBS 761 - Teckbahn

The name "Teckbahn" for the Branchline from Wendlingen to Oberlenningen via Kirchheim/Teck in Swabia has now made it into the official timetable of the DB-AG.
The line had not been treated with a wealth of attention for quite a few years - but  it seems that the value of the little line, which is situated in the Stuttgart area, has be recognized recently. Not only that there are more trains now, the line sees modern, state-of-the-art equipement, too. Starting from June 2000, more Adranz Regioshuttles (class 650) are in service on this line. Some month ago, there was a bit more variation, as a 627.0 and a 650 were in use on weekends.

All pictures were taken in the afternoon of April 22nd, 2000 near or in Owen/Teck.
627 007 and 650 115 were in service.

last update: 27th October 2002