Trainpics: KBS 963 - Ammergau-Bahn

As of Summer 2002, the line from Murnau to Oberammergau in southern Bavaria is operated with modern EMUs of class 426 instead of the loco-hauled push-pull-trains that were in use before. I guess, this is a good reason to dedicate a whole gallery to the use of class 141 on this line! Of course there are some pictures of special trains, too. More images, including those of the class 426-EMUs, will follow at a given time ...

Form Murnau, the line leads, after crossing the mainline to Garmisch, to the West, always along the slope - at first a bit beolw, then above the road to Saulgrub.
Whilst the locomotives were attached to the Murnau end of the trains at first, the compositions were turned in the mid 90ies, which led to a number of different photo-opportunities.
141 358, Grafenaschau, August 1st, 1996
141 362, Seeleiten-Berggeist, October 10th, 1993
141 130, Jägerhaus, June 1st, 2000
141 415, Jägerhaus, Januray 22nd, 1994
141 415, Jägerhaus, January 22nd, 1994
If there was a lack of driving-trailers or when technical defects occurred, the trains were operated with a locomotive on either side, thus saving to have the loco running around the train at the ends of the line (left). Needles to say, that the railfans were not exactely unhappy about this sort of operation.
141 156 + 141 238, Jägerhaus, February 11th, 2001
141 362, Jägerhaus, October 10th, 1993
A speciality of the Ammergau-Bahn is the old catenary, which survived from the time of the LAG (the bavarian "Localbahn Aktiengesellschaft") with its almost delicate masts, which is set off nicely on the image on the right. Behind the train, which has just left Bad Kohlgrub, the "Murnauer Moos" is to be seen.
141 366, Bad Kohlgrub, August 01st 1996
Not very often the Glass Train 491 001 came to Oberammergau. More often, it went on the famous "Karwendel-Trip" to Innsbruck, thus avoiding the Ammergau-Bahn. When the electric observation car finally made an excursion on the line, Saint Peter was impressed to - an treated both the passengers and the railfans to a perfectly sunny spring day!
491 001, Bad Kohlgrub, May 3rd, 1994
141 007, Bad Kohlgrub, June 1st, 2000
West of Bad Kohlgrub Kurhaus the line runs in a large S-curve to Saulgrub, where it turns to a southern direction towards Unterammergau. Watch the special construction of the catenary! (left)
On the lower right, a Regionalbahn to Murnau is just starting again at Saulgrub station.
141 381, Bad Kohlgrub Kurhaus, January 22nd, 1994
After the loop siding at Altenau has been removed, trains can only meet at Bad Kohlgrub. Due to the timetable, which offers an hourly service, special trains can only be run, if they replace a pair of the scheduled trains. For that reason, there are rarely any special trains on the Ammergaubahn in these days.
E69 03 + 141, Saulgrub, May 1st, 2000
141 390, Saulgrub, June 1st, 2002
141 307, Saulgrub, January 17th, 1999
141 390, Altenau, June 1st, 2002
141 007, Altenau, October 1st, 1996
141 415, Altenau, January 19th, 1994
141 159, Altenau, November 17th, 1994
141 415, Unterammergau, January 22nd, 1994
141 007, Altenau, June 1st, 2000
141 370, Altenau, June 1st, 2002
141 366, Unterammergau, August 1st, 1996
Between Altenau and Unterammergau the line runs, relatively flat, through meadows and marshland, which display a large variety of beautiful flowers in spring.
In Winter, alas, the trees are covered with white frost. On the image on the right, the local train to Murnau has left Unterammergau an is now heading for Altenau.
141 381, Unterammergau, January 19th, 1994
141 415, Oberammergau, January 19th, 1994
141 007, Oberammergau, October 1st, 1996
141 130, Oberammergau, May 21st, 2000
Just west of Oberammergau - if one isn't afraid of the rather tedious ascent through brushwood and rubble - there's a beautiful view over the Ammergau. On a clear day, the train can be watched on its ride to Altenau for about ten minutes ...
141 007, Oberammergau, October 1st, 1996
Finally Oberammergau is reached. While the driver has already changed the pantograph and switched on the tail lights for the trip back to Murnau, the passengers leave the train. A beautiful summer day in the mountains is awaiting them!
141 370, Oberammergau, June 1st, 2002
Last, but not least, two images from special trains in Oberammergau. Whilst the Glass Train is enjoying the warmth of the evening sun, E69 03 has to wait for its departure time in far worse weather.
491 001, Oberammergau, May 3rd, 1994
E69 03, Oberammergau, May 1st, 2000

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