Trainpics: KEG - kerosene-trains

As a consequence of the "open access" to german rails, private railways can now operate nationwide freight-trains as well. Although there aren't yet many of them in southern Bavaria, there are some rather interesting trains to be seen. Amongst them are the kerosene-trains to Munich-airport, which are operated by the Karsdorfer Eisenbahngesellschaft (KEG) with diesels that have been imported from Romania for this purpose.

Munich Airport - Lingen/Ems:

In the first few weeks, the northbound empties were routed via Geltendorf and Mering to Augsburg. Several attempts were needed to get some pictures of the train, since it was not only scheduled in evening anyway, it usually was late an hour or more, too.

On the 27th May 1999, KEG 2104 and 2103 with train DFG 80933 were only 60 minutes late and could be banned on film south of Walleshausen and near Wabern just before sunset.

Munich Airport - Flörsheim:

In April 2001 a new, weekly connection between Munich Airport an Flörsheim was introduced. The northbound (empty) train, which was operated right in the middle of the rush-hour for a few weeks, has now been rescheduled to avoid the commuter-trains in the late afternoon.

KEG 2108 and 2104 are seen near Haspelmoor on May 10th, 2001 (top). In the middle, KEG 2107 and 2108 pass the little village Hochdorf on the 24th May 2001, whilst KEG 2108 and 2104 are reaching Augsburg Hbf on April 26th, 2001 (bottom).

Flörsheim - Munich Airport:

From Flörsheim back to Munich the train was routed via Nördlingen and Ingolstadt, where it had to reverse. KEG 2108 and 2104 are captured near Ronheim, Donauwörth and Weichering. After they've changed the direction, the locomotives are seen on the last section of their journey near Esterhofen. (all images taken on May 12th, 2001).
With the introduction of the summer-timetable, the detour via Ingolstadt was omitted. The trains now take the direct route from Donauwörth via Augsburg to Munich.

On 25.08.2001 one of the two locomotives of the southbound train failed. KEG 2112 is seen near Mering, hauling only half of the cars and the defective KEG 2109 at the end of the train. The other half of the train, was brought to Munich on the following day. After letting an ICE pass at Haspelmoor, KEG 2112 is gaining speed again. The train is passing the photographer near Hattenhofen.

last update: 27th October 2002