Trainpics: KW Gelnhausen

"Once upon a time ..." - that's how fairy-tales begin. But these words a equally true for a gallery of the "Bad Orber Kleinbahn", since this 6,5 kilometer long little line today is history, too. Opened on May 23rd 1901, it provide the connecition of Bad Orb, a health resort, to the big wide world - in this case the mainline between Frankfurt and Fulda. During the first few decades, visitors and a nearby military training area provided enough business for the little railway. But, after the war, individual traffic became popular and the deficits were growing. Nevertheless, the passenger trains kept running until March 6th, 1990. On that day, for the very last time, one of the three little red diesels of the "Kreiswerke Gelnhausen" was hauling a scheduled passenger train to Bad Orb.
On April 30th 1990, alas, everything was still alright ...

last update: 15th August 2004