Trainpics: Schauffele

The Stuttgart-based construction company Schauffele GmbH & Co. KG has its own railway-subsidary since 1997, the Ernst Schauffele Schienenverkehrs GmbH & Co. KG (ESS), based in Lübbenau. Currently, ESS is owning three locomotives: Besides an east-german V60, there are the former DR 242 003 and 004, now numbered as W232.01 "Therese" and W232.04 "Lore"; several other locomotives have been in service for ESS by short-term-lease.
Starting from March 2002 the Schauffele-"Ludmillas" have been operating in southern Germany on a regular basis, too - every Saturday morning they are reaching Harburg (Schwab), where the Märker Zementwerk GmbH is located. Here's a selection of photos from the unit train on its way back to Berlin.

last update: 6th April 2003