Trainpics: The Staudenbahn

The branchline from Gessertshausen to Türkheim, west of Augsburg, is called the "Staudenbahn", as it runs through a landscape called the "Stauden".

From the 11th of December 1912 on, the complete line was open and in use - until the 24th September 1982, when the section between Markt Wald an Ettringen was closed. The southern part of the Staudenbahn, between Türkheim and Ettringen, still sees a considerable ammount of freight traffic, thanks to a papermill in Ettringen - the last scheduled passenger train on this section was run on January 9th, 1987. On the northern part of the line, the last (scheduled) passenger train was operated on May 31st, 1991. Today, local freights still come as far as Fischach, passenger specials reach Langenneufnach and are planned to run all the way to Markt Wald in the near future.

The gallery you're looking at features 33 images of the northern part of the Staudenbahn, when there still were scheduled passenger trains ...

last update: 29th December 2002