Trainpics: Dinkelscherben - Thannhausen

The branchline to Thannhausen, which was opened on December 15th, 1894, leaves the Munich-Stuttgart mainline in Dinkelscherben. Unfortunately, the 14 km long line never saw a large volume of traffic - in autumn 1963 already, the scheduled passenger service was closed down. Although the freight-service to Thannhausen survived much longer, the last freight trains where operated in the late '90s. At last, the only trains that could be seen on the line were the steam-specials of the Schwaben Dampf e.V.. But that's history now, too. On April 9th, 2000, 52 8079 was still on duty on the mid-swabian branchline - for the last but one time.

By the way: Although we followed the train with my car, I did buy a return ticket for the steam-train (which I didn't actually use). In my opinion, the effort of the peolpe who make photos like these possible should be honoured - and not just be taken for granted ...

near Thannhausen near Ziemetshausen near Uttenhofen
near Dinkelscherben near Oberschöneberg near Thannhausen

last update: 27. October 2002