Trainpics: Teutoburger Wald-Eisenbahn

The Teutoburger Wald-Eisenbahn AG, which is part of the Connex-group and has its headquaters in Lengerich, operates a rail network of little more than 100 kilometers (60 miles), on which it runs a fair number of freight trains.
Certainly the star of all TWE-trains is train KC64222, which, on its trip from Hanekenfähr on the Emsland-line to Paderborn, not only travels the "mainline" of the TWE (Ibbenbüren Ost to Gütersloh Nord) in its complete lenght, but also does this on a very railfan-friendly time: Sunday morning!
On May 4th, 2003, a beautiful spring day, KC64222 was hauled by TWE V156 and G1000, both perfectly clean and already wearing the Connex colours blue and yellow. Let's follow the train on its trip for a while ...

last update: 31st May 2003