Trainpics: V200 of the FER

German V200 in Italy - that they exit, is a well-known fact. Nevertheless, there's something mystic about them: Where do they operate? Are they still in service at all? And what sort of trains do they haul?
With the help of a few Italian railfans, whom I'd like to thank at this point, I was able to track down the necessary facts and was ready to make a little "field-trip" to the plains of the river Po.

Although the V200 of the Ferrovie Emilia Romagna are operating on the entire line from Ferrara to Guastalla and run on Trenitalia's tracks, too, we decided to concentrate on the section Poggio Rusco - Suzzara - Guastalla. Firstly, this is the remaining section without overhead wires; secondly, almost all the V200-hauled trains run in the forenoon here, leaving the afternoon free for the abundant culture of the area.
In total, we have seen five of the ten V200 of the FER, most of which have been largely rebuilt in Croatia within the last few years. The FER also operates passenger trains on the line, which, alas, is not the theme of this gallery.

last update: 4th June 2006