Trainpics: Val Pusteria

The Pustertal (Italian: Val Pusteria) streches from Fortezza/Franzensfeste in the West to the austrian town of Lienz in the East. Although the major part of the Pustertal is part of the autonomous province South Tyrol (Italy) today, it was part of the Dual Monarchy of Austro-Hungary until the end of World-War-I. That's probably the reason, why many South-Tyrolians still have stronger feelings for the northern neighbor Austria, than they have for Italy.
Since the Pustertal-line is the fastest and shortest connection between Innsbruck and Carinthia, it once had a considerable strategic importance. Nowadays the line still is an important link between Innsbruck and carinthian towns Lienz and Villach, with several domestic Austrian trains operating through Italy every day. Due to this fact, the Pustertal-line offered quite a variety when it comes to motive-power - well, it did in 1999: Italian classes  E424, E652 and ALe840, as well as austrian classes 1822 and 2043 could be seen here frequently. Today almost all passenger trains are E464-hauled push-pulls, with only a few ÖBB 1822s thrown in.

Last update: 8th October 2004